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Latest Media has a strong hold in the digital market and we keep on improving our service so that we can grow you. We deliver the best to the customer

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Just change the Way

Measure success with predictive and post-campaign

How We Get Things Done


Scaling impact of your brand's ads across Top Channels and shows on YouTube

Digital Production

A killer Production team capable of producing 6-second spots to a premium series.

Influencer Strategy

Boosting your brand's message through a tight knit network of creators with a massive worldwide reach.

Reporting & Analysis

Our team delivers customized Recap Reports containing all the relevant data and analytics you need.

Branded Campaigns

Collaborations achieving award winning results and exceeding expectations.

Why Latest Media

Over 2000+ Creators

Run your campaigns with our carefully hand picked creators based on not only the 'follower count' but content quality, user engagements, overall influence, impact, relevance, and other important factors.

cost and quality

No Language Barrier

We make sure the content not only reaches the general Hindi and English speaking audience, but also regional Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam audience through our popular regional pages across social media.


A Massive Reach of over 20 Million+

If you're looking to market and promote your content aggressively, you're in safe hands. We have a strong foothold over social media. With a reach of over 20 million people across these platforms, we make sure your vision gets maximum exposure.


We Get The Job Done!

Having a strong work ethic and discipline, our team works day in and day out to make sure you get what you deserve and every penny of yours is worth spending for. Our team has some of the most skilled and experienced personnel in the market who leave no stones unturned to give you the best product possible.

About Latest Media

Latest Media India's Most Populer influencer marketing platform for campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, MX Taka Tak etc..

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